The future of smart contracts with Blockchain based digital signatures

Cyber Clear Security partnered with ZorroSign, Inc. to provide a Digital Transaction Management platform, built from the ground up to offer bank-grade security for electronic signatures, workflow and document management, and document authentication.

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Digital Transaction Management (DTM)





Digital Transaction Management (DTM)

The Digital Transaction Management (DTM) increases efficiency and productivity by completely transforming paper intensive processes, from creation to authentication whether the users are internal or external to the Company. The end result of DTM is higher accuracy with fewer errors, improved controls, customer satisfaction resulting from simplified process and a competitive edge.


Electronic signature is an integral part of the DTM platform. It is highly secure, encrypted, and robust eSignature solution with flexibility around its usage, security, and application.



 4n6 Token can help verify that a document has not been tampered, revised, revoked, replaced or cancelled. When challenged or investigated it can be used as evidence without repudiation in a court of law.


Imperative to the success of a true digital transaction is an enterprise-grade, robust and flexible workflow, rules engine, and consistent repeatability.                                                                                                    


ZorroFill makes any form a Smart Form and an Intelligent Form. It deciphers each & every field of a form and Auto eFills . It is intelligent enough to read & interpret the questions no matter how it is written. 


The Document Management System allows an organization to manage all documents in one place. Master documents, documents in progress and signed and executed documents can be saved, searched for, and managed easily, and quickly – all from a single and intuitive user interface.

What is Blockchain

Blockchain or also referred to as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is a record-keeping technology that follows a method of maintaining a chronological record of transactions (of any kind) in multiple copies (nodes) on a ledger or smart contract. Even in ancient civilizations, people kept a way to track ownership of items such as parcels of land and other valuables by using tokens to represent ownership. Today we use blockchain technology to solve the problem of ambiguity and trust.

ZorroSign, Inc. & Blockchain

ZorroSign uses permissions-based private Blockchain technology to ensure the security and privacy of the users’ information (who are part of a transaction), the data and also to ensure the sanctity of digitally signed documents using RSA encryption. ZorroSign detects tampering and signature forgery of electronically signed documents through its proprietary software. It provides chain of custody, full audit trail, and a number of additional attributes and characteristics about a document that is signed using ZorroSign. 

Are You Looking For an Advanced DTM?


REal estate

Real Estate purchase contracts, subsequent counter offers and amendments must be signed by Buyer(s), Seller(s), their respective Brokers/Agents and then sent to the Title/Escrow companies and Attorneys. To close the deal accurately and expeditiously the contract needs to flow between the parties while securing the entire package.

ZorroSign DTM, which includes ZorroFill, handles end-to-end real estate transactions. Fill a form once. The next time you need to fill a form, either the same form or a different (for e.g. a real estate form) ZorroFill will actually read & interpret the questions and Auto eFill it for you. It’s not just a Smart Form it’s an Intelligent Form. Sign it with ZorroSign and you are done.


ZorroSign’s highly secure and fully compliant enterprise-grade solution allows for local, state, and federal governments to serve their constituents with the latest technology in digital transaction management. ZorroSign works with existing documents and forms and seamlessly works with existing technology infrastructure.


 ZorroSign’s industry-compliant, highly secure, private Cloud and On-premise eSignature solution allows independent financial advisors, lenders, banks, and credit unions to offer secure and fully automated transaction handling using eSignature to their customers.                                                                                               


Law firms of all sizes need world-class tamper-proof security and enforce-ability of legal documents with non-repudiation audit trails with full progress tracking and bank-grade security. With ZorroSign Electronic Signature and Digital Transaction Management (DTM), your law firm can have all that and execute legal contracts online and within minutes.   


ZorroFill brings Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to forms filling. Whether you’re an insurance carrier, an insurance agency, an insurance broker, or an insurance customer, ZorroFill is an innovative solution disrupting the nuisance, time consuming task of filling forms by filling it for you.